CHICHEN ITZÁ This controverted Mayan city was the center of the empire in the peninsula until the year 987 D.C., when the Mayan Itzaes settled in the yucateca peninsula, bringing with them the Toltec influence. From the X through the XII century, Chichen-Itza, Uxmal and Mayapan, the three principal cities of the Mayan empire from the early post classical period, made a pact called the League of Mayapan. During this time, Chichen-Itza excercised dominating power. Towards the year 1194, Mayapan took the power from Chichen-Itza and retained it until 1441, when the rebellions finished with the Mayan empire and small, weak lordships were created causing them to easily succumb to the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The city of Chichen-Itza or ¨Boca Del Pozo de los Itzaes¨, exhibited Toltec influenc ... Read more >>

Home of the Mayan culture, Yucatan is located in the southeast part of Mexico, on the tip of the Yucatan Penin ...

The geography of the history maintained this beautiful peninsula isolated from issues of the New Mexican Repub ...

The astronomical advances of this culture continued taking the olmec legacy of time reading. The tower ¨El Car...

The challenge that every administration faces in Yucatan is related to combating extreme poverty that affects ...

Yucatán has a territorial extensión of 39,612 km2, and 2% of the Mexican surface. The state of Yucatan attache ...

Yucatan is a state of abundant natural resources within a privileged geographic location, vast coastal areas a ...

Ivonne Aracelly Ortega Pacheco was born on November 26, 1972. She has been an active member of Partido Revolu ...

Yucatan has a population of 1,818,948 inhabitants registered in the 2005 Census by the INEGI. Yucatan is in 21 ...

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