BEACHES The county of Boca Del Rio possesses all the necessary things for you to enjoy the sun and ocean in Vera Cruz, a great hotel infrastructure and of tourism with numerous restaurant establishments, night clubs, bars, stores, and sport facilities. Also the port of San Juan de Ulua will offer you a view to the response of the locals to the constant pirate attacks of the XVI century. If you prefer and experience more in touch with nature, the virgin beaches of Monte Pio and Roca Partida are the ideal place for your vacations. LOS TUXTLAS Los Tuxtlas is a region that has volcanoes in a mountainous sierra, tropical jungles in the low areas, and a warm coast bathed in gulf waters. Due to the biological diversity, this area is an ideal zone for adventurous sports, or tourist activity such as walks, rock climbing, swimm ... Read more >>

Remains of prehispanic civilizations between 1,500 and 1,200 years have been found in over 200 sites in the st ...

Jarocha, that beautiful girl from the coast that dances to the rhythm of sound with her white dress with a sil ...

The jungle holds the Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve. This reserve covers 40 hectares and protects the numerous s...

Same as the majority of Mexican states, the micro, small and medium company make up 70% of the operating busin ...

With an extension of 71,820 km2, the Mexican state of Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave takes eleventh place i ...

Veracruz is a state known for its agricultural, forestry and fishing vocation, but also for its great industri ...

Lic. Fidel Herrera Beltrán, Constitutional Governor of the State of Veracruz and member of Partido Revoluciona ...

With a population of 7,011,214 inhabitants, according to the National Census of 2005 conducted by the INEGI; V ...

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Activities on the Nevado de Toluca
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The Worst Earthquakes in Mexico
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La Condesa Neighborhood in Mexico City
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Fortresses, Forts and Hill Forts in Mexico
Being the New Spain a place that for all practical purposes was considered "savage" and unknown, several fortifications and buildings were constructed in order to protect Read More>>

The Analogous Blackout
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Illegal commercial fishing in Mexico
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The Celebration of the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico
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PEMEX, It's Numbers and Finances
Petroleos Mexicanos, a parastatal company present in several states in Mexico, is dedicated to the proper exploration, exploitation, Read More>>

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The War of Reform, History of Mexico

Mexico’s War of Reform, also known as the Three Year War, occurred from December 17, 1857 to January 1, 1861. This armed conflict
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5th of February, Commemoration of the Constitution’s Promulgation

The 1917 Constitution is the result of a long historical process that started even before the Mexican Revolution. The Political
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The Cristero War

The Cristero War is also known as Cristiada. It was an armed struggle between the Government and the Church from 1926 to 1929. If was fought
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Miguel Hidalgo, Mexican Independence

Miguel Hidalgo is one of the most recognized characters in the movement for Mexico’s Independence. His full name was Miguel Gregorio
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The Most Important Natural Disasters Occurred in Mexico

Climatic change is currently a recurrent topic. The phenomenon is the result of centuries of human activity, mainly the transformation and
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