Balloon Rides in Mexico

Are you tired of always doing the same on vacations? Hot-air balloon rides are a unique option to break the routine and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Although the balloon ride isn’t one of the most popular activities in the country yet, it is certainly one of the most exciting and attractive! Besides, this attraction is getting stronger day by day thanks to different companies that promote these flights.

Thus, the hot air balloon, the first artifact that allowed man to fly, is now a touristic attraction in various regions of Mexico.

The main locations of the country where this activity is offered are:

Teotihuacán, Tequisquiapan, Querétaro, Huamantla, Tlaxcala and the state of Michoacán.

The companies that provide balloon rides have different packages that meet the needs of each customer. In addition to the balloon ride, which generally lasts between 40 to 60 minutes, the packages may include: accommodations (one night before the flight), dinner and/or breakfast and even in some places, a champagne toast is offered at the end of the tour.

Many companies usually include in their packages accident insurance and flight certificates. Among the companies that offer these certificates is the one that flies over Teotihuacán. This is a different way to visit the pyramids and it keeps a lasting memory in the minds of people who choose to go on a balloon ride in this area.

The following is a tentative flight program when contracting a full package: Guests arrive at the hotel one night before the flight and enjoy a dinner which is included in the package. The morning after, the transportation contracted by the company picks up the guests at the hotel and takes them to the place where the balloon ride will take place (some people call this place “Balloon-port”). In general, people get to this place at dawn, since the balloon must be inflated just before the take-off. Besides, it is recommended to flight early since wind can help the pilot. After flying freely for about an hour, the balloon lands.

As stated before, the flight is free, the balloon goes wherever the wind takes it and the pilot cannot control the trajectory. In other words, you know the place of departure but never the place of landing. However, there is nothing to worry about since the companies that provide this service usually have a group of people that picks up the passengers in the landing site.

Although the trajectory of the balloon cannot be completely controlled, the pilot´s action is important since his experience and skills will allow him to place the balloon in the correct altitude which is needed to enter the air stream that can lead them to a place where they can land without problems.

A few minutes after the flight, a sparkling wine toast and a flight certificate is usually given to the adults.

Later on, the transportation takes the guests back to the hotel so they can enjoy a delicious breakfast, which is also included in the package. Some companies also offer breakfast and/or dinner in restaurants independent from the hotels.

The price for the balloon ride varies depending on the companies. It is worth mentioning that additional services offered along with the ride are one of the factors that companies take into account when establishing their rates.

These are not the only factors to take into account when quoting a balloon flight. The price also varies if the flight is individual, in pairs or in groups, and if people who take the ride are adults or children. Although the price varies a great deal, it could be said that the price per person starts generally at USD $110, and it becomes more expensive according to the number of additional services provided in the package. There is also a considerable difference in the price if the person who is going to fly is an adult or a child. The adult, as opposed to the child, must pay an extra of approximately USD $24.00 to get on the balloon, although, in some cases, that difference can be increased up to USD $100.00

If the balloon ride is done in a group, the price may go down. Some companies charge less than USD $63.00 for each companion after contracting one of the offered plans. Of course, the price is higher if a more complete package is required. It is important to mention that one of the most required packages nowadays is the one for couples. Although this trip is very romantic, some companies go one step further and provide a special package where the fiancé can give the engagement ring while flying. In addition to providing champagne for the couple during the flight, the work team takes pictures at the moment of the proposal, so the couple can keep this memory forever. This package has an approximate cost of USD $700; however, as in everything all prices are subject to changes.

Despite the fact that the balloon ride can be more expensive than other form of entertainment, some companies offer credit card payment by installments with no interest rates, to make this type of flight more affordable.

The level of risk is minimal. According to statistics, it is more dangerous to travel by car than on a balloon.

In conclusion, the hot-air balloon ride is an incredible experience for people of all ages, and there are various companies in Mexico offering these services. It is only a matter of choosing the flight company that best suits the needs of each person.

Amongst the groups that provide these services, is the Club Aeronautas de México, Club Aeronautas del Altiplano y el Club Aerostático Nacional. This last one is the only company which is certified by the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil) to manufacture aerostatic balloons.

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