Puebla Government

Lic. Mario Plutarco Marín Torres, Constitutional Governor of the State of Puebla, was born in Nativitas Cuautempan, Puebla, on June 28, 1954. With a Law Degree, he is Public Notary No. 53 in the City of Puebla.

Since 1997, he has been a member of the National Political Council of Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). He has performed as President of Asociación de Municipios del Sur, A.C. and is President of Federal Nacional de Municipios, A.C.

He has been a professor in various universities, including the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Public Accounting; both from Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, as well as Puebla’s Law School.

He is Constitutional Governor of the State of Puebla for the 2005-2011 term.

GOVERNOR Phone: (222) 213 8810 / e-mail: gobernador@puebla.gob.mx

Phone: (222) 229 70 00 Ext. 7011 y 12

Phone: (222) 213 8855, 213 8857 / e-mail: jsanchez@comunicacionsocial.gob.mx

Phone: (222) 229 6907, 229 6910 Fax. 248 7886

Phone: (222) 777 8000 and 229 8300

Phone: (222) 211 7800 / e-mail: procurador.pgj@puebla.gob.mx

Phone: (222) 777 1500 Ext. 1502

Phone: (222) 777 5600 ext. 5614 5631 / e-mail: francisco.castillo@puebla.gob.mx

Phone: (222) 777 4000 Ext. 4001

Source: Gobierno del Estado de Puebla

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