Where to celebrate the Mexican Independence on September 15

As is known to all, on September 15 is celebrated in Mexico as the anniversary of the beginning of the Independence movement, making it a national holiday by excellence. It is best recommended to plan where to go that night, and here are some suggestions:

Pretty much all municipalities, cities and towns across the country have a public square located downtown. There, the Mayor and sometimes the Governor will give the “Grito” like the one the President does in the Zócalo, with its show of fireworks and entertainment. Merchants are also counted by the hundreds with their horns, flags, and eggs with flour. The visitor could end up visiting a good restaurant or a food stand, and why not? Eat some good quesadillas, tamales with atole, a corn with its classic toppings or some traditional foods that are always present and vary from region to region.

In Mexico City there are several options: The delegations and the Zócalo offer a variety of performances and guest artists that sing different genres from rock to country music. It is advisable to visit the website or the Facebook of each delegation or municipality to find out starting times and artists invited.

But perhaps the option of being on the esplanade is not what you are looking for. In this case it is advisable to book (you are still on time) in a restaurant or hotel downtown, for example at the Holiday Inn, La Casa de las Sirenas or the Grand Hotel of Mexico City. These hotels have views to the Zócalo so the guests can easily contemplate the “Grito”, the fireworks and take some of the best photos. It should be noted that even though the price is a little bit high (it can go from 100 to 600 dollars per night) it is worth paying it. There are other options if you only want to go for dinner (either buffet or a la carte).

Many also visit the Plaza Garibaldi to listen to some good mariachis. The area is full of bars and pubs (not all of good reputation though... so watch out!). The pozoles in the area are excellent, though.

Another great way to celebrate this national holiday is at home, decorating the house with flags, bells and figures. It is customary for many families to invite friends to attend with a traditional costume and have everyone prepare a Mexican dish to give variety to the celebration, have some bringing snacks and others the inevitable tequila. The local networks broadcast special programs the night of the 15th and many tend to watch this way the "Grito" from home. Perhaps for these times of recession, this is the best way to celebrate the Mexican Independence.

Important: To prevent incidents, security operations at the esplanades, Zócalo, and public places have become very strict and they won’t allow people to introduce backpacks, beverages of any kind (because of the disguising of alcoholic beverages), sharp objects, or pepper spray. It is advisable not to bring any of these items or consume too much alcohol as the fines for these are very high!

Let’s get ready and enjoy one of the most colorful and fun holidays in México: The Celebration of its Independence!

Article produced by the Editorial Team of "Explorando Mexico".
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Photo: Eneas De Troya