"EL CIELO" Meaning "The Sky", this spectacular setting listed as Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in the year 1985, is located over part of the range known as the eastern Sierra Madre and over the Tropic of Cancer, for which it contains an invaluable biodiversity which includes pine, oak, thicket, and tropical forests, as well as aquatic vegetation. Extending for 144,000 hectares, this reserve inhabited by many endemic local species, is located between the state municipalities of Gomez Farias, Llera, Jaumave, and Ocampo. The entrance to "El Cielo" contains the common land of San Jose, organized by local cooperatives in charge of running all tourist services offered throughout the area, such as accommodation, restaurants, communications, and transportation. The unique experience of enjoying three different ecosystems along a straight road of only 21 kilometers long can only be found at "El Cielo", Tamaulipas. Thick and leafy tropical vegetation gives way to reddish soils home to very tall pine and oak trees, which in turn lead to the entrance of a deep and humid cave. ... Read more >>

Written story begins for the state of Tamaulipas as Americo Vespucio, in one of the letters he sent to Lorenzo ...

Proud of their cuisine, Tamaulipas citizens like to brag and show off their extensive local menu of platters ...

spelunking, bird watching, mountain biking, or eco-tourism tours, just to name a few. HUNTING TOURISM ...

The state of Tamaulipas contributes 3,3% of the national Gross Domestic Product, mainly through the activities ...

Tamaulipas is the sixth larger state in Mexico with a territory that extends throughout 80,175 sq. kilometers. ...

The industry of Tamaulipas is strong in the automobile and auto-parts sector, manufacturing and assembling for ...

Eugenio Javier Hernández Flores is governor number 219 in the political history of Tamaulipas. Born in the ci ...

With a population of a little more than 3 million inhabitants according to the latest census dated at 2005, Ta ...

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