Mexico's World Cultural Heritage Sites III, sites declared since 2003

The latest additions of UNESCO show a concern for preserving the cultural identity of a country rich in natural resources and owners of an architectural, religious and artistic tradition uniting with the modern movements of a constantly changing planet.

Franciscan Missions of Sierra Gorda in Querétaro (2003)
It shows an exchange of values, the most important in the process of Evangelism in the North and Center of Mexico and Eastern United States. Five missions give proof of the cultural encounter between the missions from Europe and the nomad populations of Central Mexico. The constructions are a testimony of what was the second phase of Evangelism in North America.

Luís Barragán House and Study (2004)
Built in 1948, this house represents a masterpiece of the latest developments in the modern movement, integrating philosophical and artistic traditions into an innovative synthesis. Through his work, Luis Barragán exhibited the integration of modern influences with the traditional, creating and impact on garden projects and urban landscaping.

The Agave Landscape and Former Industrial Facilities of Tequila (2006)
This site was added has the goal of promoting it for preserving as cultural heritage the values and contributions of this region on the skirts of the Tequila volcano in Jalisco. It is an important part of Mexico’s cultural identity. UNESCO recognizes its natural landscape, based on the volcano’s skirts and Rio Grande Canyon, sites where for hundreds of years men have grown Blue Agave. An invaluable industrial heritage, it joins the traditional architecture of the region’s main economic activity with the urban constructions derived from the State’s historic development.

University City (2007)
In 2007, before the General Director of the organism, Koïchiro Matsuura, and then rector Juan Ramón de la Fuente, as well as Mexico City’s President and the Ministry of Public Education, the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture recognized the outstanding buildings of the university’s campus as a World Heritage Site. The buildings deserving this recognition are within the first university circuit: Rectory Tower, Tower II of Humanities, Schools of Law, Economics, Philosophy and Literature, Medicine and Architecture, in addition to the gardens and traditional constructions of the Maximum Study House.

UNAM has been the academic home of hundreds of great persons in Mexico’s history; intellectuals, politicians, infrastructure builders, economists, great jurists, doctors, engineers and researches who have greatly contributed to science and technology, deserving national and international recognitions.

It was the cultural venue for intellectual movements of the 50’s and 60’s, and a participant in the political changes carried on by students in 1968. Its buildings, as well as its cultural value, are represented by the most important figures of many generations: Diego Rivera, Siqueiros, Juan O’Gorman and Mario Pani among many others that placed their art in each of its corners.

San Miguel de Allende's Historic Center (2008)

The “Magical Town” of San Miguel de Allende and its beautiful colonial architecture attracts thousands of tourists from around the world each year.

Its old streets and facades defy the arrival of modernity for staying as one of the great treasures of the Mexican people. On tour by the popular Historic Center you can get to know the Parish Church of San Miguel, one of the greatest attractions in the city as a representative of the neo-gothic style, together with the Temple of San Francisco, inside it you will find a beautiful façade in the purest Churrigueresque style. Other architectural attractions include the Chapel of San Felipe Neri, the Temple of Concepción, the Santa Casa de Loreto, de Inquisitor’s House and the Theater Angela Peralta. All this while also discovering the abundant houses of fine Mexican crafts throughout the city.

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