Nightlife in Durango

CLUB 100
¡Vamos al Cien! Is heard among the young every weekend because Club 100 is one of the electronic and pop music nightclubs in fashion.

If you want to enjoy a unique night, at Estampida you can dance to country music in its most Mexican "“norteño"” style and show your skills at domesticating bulls...but mechanical!
Juárez #4 Col. El Pueblito

Bar whose name and interior decoration honor the great Mexican actress Dolores del Río, it is equally visited by the young and not so young.

Trova music and sporting events broadcasts make this a very peculiar place. Ideal for everyone who likes this type of music in the purest Mexican style of yesteryear.
De Gabino Barreda #300 Col.Centro

Trendy nightclub where the young gather for dancing to the rhythm of current music hits.

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