The Best places in Mexico for Skydiving

There are many places in Mexico where you can practice this extreme sport, that despite being a high-risk activity, it’s also one of the most fun to practice. There are several skydiving varieties, all of them are available in our country. Some of these are: Freestyle, Free Flight, Tandem Jumps and Team Work. The list of places where you can practice skydiving is long, amongst them are:

Skydive in Guadalajara. As in most Centers, you must begin with the Tandem Jump (performed with an instructor on your back) in order to move into advanced levels. Flights are available on weekends and it’s a good place to start "flying". The Center has a Facebook account, where you can get to know their facilities.

Celaya Skydiving Center. (Centro de Paracaidismo Celaya) It is a member of the US Skydiving Association, a high quality accreditation. It also offers the "Assisted Free Flight” option.

Skydive Ixtapa. They have been on business for 25 years, resulting in a great experience and advanced skydiving skills. You should ask for their special events schedule, since their exhibitions are very appealing. Beach skydiving is also available.

Cuautla Skydiving Center (Centro de Paracaidismo Cuautla) It is a very exclusive place, as evidenced by the instructor’s credentials; you can even train to become a skydiving instructor. A highlight of this facility is that gift certificates are available for a special friend or relative, to help them join the fun. It is visited by both, professionals and amateurs.

Quintana Roo Beach Skydive. (Skydive Playa Quintana Roo) The instructors at this facility are the current skydiving champions. This place offers different schedules (as opposed to many other places that only offer morning activities). Payment must be made in US currency.

Tequistengo Skydiving Center. (El Centro de Paracaidismo Tequistengo) You can practice Tandem Jumps here, where the free-fall sensation lasts over a minute, and then you glide and reach the ground. The total time you spend on the air is close to 10 minutes, because you fly as high as 1,000 feet! Tequistengo Skydiving Center is highly regarded for their quality service.

Other places. We can also practice skydiving from other cities’ skies, including, but not limited to: Monterrey, Culiacán, Puerto Vallarta and Chihuahua.

Some important observations about Skydiving:

You have to be qualified to practice skydiving. Training should be taken prior to your first jump (most or all facilities offer some training). No alcoholic beverages are allowed. Children under 16 are not allowed to jump (16 year old minors require a written permission). For safety, and not as a discriminatory guideline, maximum weight allowed in a person, is 229 pounds.

Prices for one jump go from $2,000 to $3,000 mexican pesos (around 180 – 270 dlls.) As an additional service, many of the centers offer professional video recording to capture your adventure on video. Their prices depend on the recording length, and if you’d like photos to go with the video. Many video formats are available.

We recommend you to browse the Centers’ web pages to find their contact information, make sure they accept credit cards, make reservations (in some places, these are needed) and directions to get to their facilities. Finally, we recommend traveling in groups since, as well as adding to the fun, many of them offer group discounts.

Skydiving: An activity that you have to live!

Article produced by the Editorial Team of "Explorando Mexico".
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