Where to Go / What to Do in Manzanillo

Manzanillo and the area known as Colima's southern coast welcomes visitors to its beaches alongside the open sea. Its imposing waves, spectacular landscapes and exquisite gastronomy surely provide excellent vacations.

The area known as Tapo de Ventanas offers this small but heavenly beach for family enjoyment, ideal for swimming in its calmer waves. Close to this beach there are many restaurants offering delicious fish and seafood, plus a vast beach ideal for children.

In the municipality of Armeria, this is one of the classic beaches of Colima, for its open sea and strong waves that turned it into a very popular surfing site. Its "“Green Wave"” is quite famous for ideal surfing and windsurfing, as one of the sites most visited by regional and national tourists. Nearby is Cuyutlan Lagoon, the most spectacular in the State, 50 kilometers long and notable for its salt production.

This site offers visitors the chance to know and support the efforts for the preservation of marine species by freeing "–from August to January- the tiny offspring of "‘golfina' or black turtles, species in danger of extinction that are protected within this wildlife sanctuary that includes sections for crocodiles, iguanas and a path for watching the local and migratory birds that beautify this spectacular natural landscape framed by the Mangle Islands.

This beach is the favorite for fans of surfing and extreme water sports because its strong waves turn it into the ideal destination, a site that also offers spectacular landscapes and romantic sunsets. Its cuisine, the same as in all other beach centers, is one of the most coveted nationwide for its delightful flavor and variety.

The biosphere reserve of Sierra de Manantlan is a wonderful natural sanctuary of 139,577 hectares where you can practice diverse ecotourism activities such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing and rappel. Located on the mountain area to the southeast of Jalisco State, it is important for the presence of more than 2 thousand vegetable species, many of them "– close to 10% - of endemic type, which means, exclusive to the region, with an outstanding prehispanic type of corn that has generated great interest among specialists. Sierra de Manantlan is also home to hundreds of bird, mammal and reptile species.

Young and old will have fun with the numerous games and activities Parque Tucanes has prepared. Water rides, sports as tyrolean crossing, rappel and other recreational activities like bowling and miniature golf await you for a full day of fun.

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