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Saltillo, after more than 400 years of having been founded, is one of the most enigmatic and traditional cities in Northern Mexico. Its distinguishing traits resulted from a fusion of its immigrant Spanish and Tlaxcalteca cultures.


Located in Saltillo's historical center, this authentic jewel of colonial architecture started being built in 1745 and served as a hospital during the Battle of Angostura in 1847. Its magnificent heritage of sacred art includes beautiful carved altars, 45 religious paintings and an exquisite silver frontal, among many other treasures exhibited for visitors, making it the sould of traditional Saltillo.


Museo del Desierto is, without a doubt, one of Mexico's most interesting museums. Not only for displaying a profound knowledge of its ecosystem, but also for the creative fusion that creates an ambicious theme development in its halls, reviewing the Paleontology, Geology, Biology, Anthropology, History and Art related to the region.

Four pavillions show the natural history of this province, while one of its main attractions is the exhibit of dinosaur fossils found in this same region, probably the largest in Mexico, in addition to its new project: "“Living Desert"”, a natural history museum.


As indicated by its name, this green area recreates the ecosystems of Zapalinamé and Arteaga Mountain Ranges, providing visitors a great alternative for spending time at a natural and calm environment, the ideal place for physical activities and a breath of fresh air.


Located within the building that used to host the former San Juan School founded by Jesuits in 1892. This museum presents five halls in which, amidst beautiful scenarios, a natural habitat is recreated for exhibiting the most spectacular collection of stuffed birds in the country. It holds more than 2,500 specimens of 733 species, representing 70% of all Mexican birds.

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