Surf in Mexico, The Prime Locations

Baja California

Baja California has had a great spot in worldwide surfing, its spectacular location on the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortes make it a very special destination. Todos Santos Island is world famous for having the largest and most dangerous waves in the world. Extreme surfers in search of new challenges come ride America’s largest wave, only apt for experienced surfers. To reach these waves you need a boat that you can rent at Ensenada, the waves are heavy and the water at Todos Santos is very cold. Ensenada, an hour drive from the border with California, is constantly sought by surfers, where they enjoy riding on top and inside its tubular waves. There are camping sites on the beach. The beach at Salsipuedes has a very special beauty, Punta San Jose offers a calmer surf. Cabo San Lucas receives surfers year-round; its El Medano Beach is excellent for beginners because of its calm and safe waves. The area of Monumento at Cabo San Lucas is only apt for experienced surfers because its huge waves can measure up to two meters high and the sea floor is full of rocks and sea urchins.


Colima beaches are excellent for water sports. A great surfing beach, where world championships have been held, is Boca de Pascuales Beach at Tecomen. This region’s beaches are unique in Mexico, known for their black volcanic sand. Thrill-seekers come in search of its huge waves but these are not recommended for beginners. Experts should not miss this; the fastest and largest waves are up to four meters high, forming fast breaking tubes, almost 40 meters away from the beach.

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido is a small port in the State of Oaxaca. With only 20,178 residents, it was established more than a century ago as a fishing town and turned into a tourism destination when its International Airport and highway were built, connecting it by land to the city of Oaxaca. Its main attraction is, of course, its beautiful beaches for championship surfing. It attracts thousands of surfers and backpackers every year. It has two important beaches, Main Beach and Zicatela. At Main Beach, located on the bay’s northeast, surfers rent boats to reach the pristine beaches inaccessible by land. Zicatela is separated from other beaches by a rocky formation known as “El Morro”. The beach is 50 meters wide and a couple of kilometers long, with waves measuring up to 6 meters in height. This place is considered one of the best in the surfing world, sharing their category with Hawaii’s Pipeline. This wave is called “Mexican Pipeline” and although there are good waves year round, the largest are enjoyed from April to September.

Sayulita, Nayarit

Surfers were the first tourists to arrive at Sayulita during the 1960’s for its warm weather and consistent waves year-round. Beginner and experienced surfers alike come from all over the world to this paradise destination for its two surfing spots. Novices can hire one of the many instructors available. Without a doubt, surfing is Sayulita’s greatest attraction; even those who don’t surf enjoy watching wave riders while comfortably tanning on the beach.

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