Mexicans Oscar Winners

Mexicans Oscar Winners
The golden statuette is considered by many as the pinnacle in the career of someone who is dedicated to the film industry either in the role of actor, director or composer. Although there are not many compatriots who have one of these prizes, certainly they are among the most talented representatives of the seventh art. Here is a brief overview of the winners characters:

Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu.- This director has come a long way since he began his work in the radio station radioactive 98.5 and designed a campaign Identification for Channel Five. The work that catapulted him to fame was undoubtedly "Amores Perros (2000)", a film which had the distinction of telling a story from the point of view and experiences of three characters.
He tried to following with this style on films like "21 Grams (2003)” and earned his first nomination for the film" Babel (2006) ". After a change of approach he achieved great success (triple prices) in the film "Birdman (2014)". His latest film, "The Revenant (2015) won four Oscars and earned himself the Oscar for best director and writer. A curious fact, the curtains that he made for channel five for appear in the film "Amores Perros.”

Emmanuel Lubezki.-he comes from a Jewish family and her grandmother was a Russian citizen, however Lubezki already belongs to a second generation of Mexicans. His grandmother and father (actor Muni Luzbezki) were the ones that inculcate him the taste for the cinema. He Studied in the UNAM film school together with Alfonso Cuarón, though curiously neither of them concluded their studies. His first nomination came for best picture with the movie "A Little Princess (1995)". Since 2013 he imposed a record to be recognized for three consecutive years by the academy. The winning films are: Gravity (2013), Birdman and The revenant. He has also won several Ariel awards and the ASC award.

Alfonso Cuarón.- the aforementioned classmate of Emmanuel Lubezki was recognized by Holywood for the first time with the film "A Little Princess". Other of their works were "Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) and" Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) ". In the film "The Children of Men (2006)" he achieved a great feat when the auto scene was filmed in one shot and won the nomination for best editing. The first Oscar he got was with the film "gravity", while we most recognize that because of his English pronunciation there were several confusions and jokes on the set.

Anthony was Quinn.-winner of two Academy Awards for Best Actor in: Viva Zapata! (1952) and Lust for Life (1956). He was born in Chihuahua with the name of Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca, not to confuse his name with the state where she was born. Since a young age he lived in Texas, where he began to perform, was the first Mexican or American of Mexican origin to win an Oscar, because in 1947 he became a naturalized at US. As trivial data there was a time when he turned away from the big screen because he was considered a possible suspect of communism, although the theater allowed him to continue acting. For his role in the film "The Magus (1968)" was asked to shave his head, which he accepted, but asked insurance in case his hair not grow again.

Eugenio Caballero.-He won the award for best production design with "Pan's Labyrinth (2006)"; he studied in Florence, after completing his studies worked for the National Institute of Fine Arts and taught at the Universidad Iberoamericana. It should be noted that he owes something of his knowledge to another Oscar winner, the famous Brigitte Broch (from German origin nationalized Mexican) that was recognized for his artistic direction in the film "Mouling Rouge (2001)”.

Guillermo Navarro.- He studied in France and then resided in Los Angeles, where his career by participating in several films with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez started strongly. He also work closely with Guillermo del Toro where for his role in "Pan's Labyrinth" won the Oscar for best picture.

Manuel Arango.-won two Oscars for his documentary "Sentinels of Silence (1971)", one for best documentary and another for best short film. I must say that he never saw himself as a great filmmaker but his documentary change some rules regarding nominations. It is also interesting the fact that the person who took care of narrating his documentary in English was Orson Wells, who was the same that directed Citizen Kane (1941).

Beatrice was Alba.-she is a winner for best makeup in "Frida (2002)", she has worked in several films such as "The Hunger games (2012-2015) and Twilight saga (2008-2012). Her work consist that the hair style worn by the actors in the film reflects the personality of the character, the events around this and finally there has to be coincided with the personality of the figure.

As honorable mentions we have Lupita Nyong, who has two nationalities, Mexican and Kenyan, but has spent her entire life in the United States and Emile Kuri, great art director of films like "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), who did not recognize his nationality because his parents were Lebanese and always lived in the United States.
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Mexicans Oscar Winners

The golden statuette is considered by many as the pinnacle in the career of someone who is dedicated to the film industry either in the role of actor, director or composer.
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