Adventure Tourism Chihuahua is the ideal place for Adventure Tourism. The sports most enjoyed in this area are hiking, rappel, rock climbing, river kayaking, sand boarding and mountain biking because it has a great variety of areas ranging from vast plains to spectacular ravines. There are regions that attract those who enjoy light hikes, as well as the intrepid looking to challenge their physical fitness. Adventurous activities can be enjoyed throughout the year when the state’s three great rivers are available for extreme kayaking. Hunting Hunting season in Chihuahua is from October to May, for all species in general. It has more than 80 hunting ranches offering attractive hunting, camping, fishing, mountain biking and photography areas. The main hunting species in these ranches are: white tail deer, Berber sheep, European wild boar, wild turkey (the largest in America) and three species of quail (Escamosa, Moctezuma and Gambel), quite abundant within the State’s various areas. Additionally, one of the most important populations of migrating birds within the centr ... Read more >>

As it was the case in most of the northern territories of the country, the first Inhabitants of the present da ...

The harsh geographic conditions of the state have shaped the character of its inhabitants, who, as the majorit ...

Santa Elena Canyon An imposing natural trail on Santa Elena Mountain Range, crossed by Bravo River is, wit...

The main economic activity in the state in regards of its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product is the co ...

One of the 32 states that form the Republic of Mexico Chihuahua is located at the northern part of the country ...

In order to promote and consolidate agriculture in Chihuahua, 455 million pesos were programmed towards strate ...

Lic. José Reyes Baeza Terrazas, Constitutional Governor of the State of Chihuahua for 2004-2010, is a member o ...

The latest population census, which took place nationwide during the year 2005, reported 3´241,444 inhabita ...

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