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Cuernavaca is the state capital and one of the most important cities in Morelos. An ancient tlahuica settlement, originally known as Cuauhnáuac, the city is characterized by its numerous country houses, archaeological sites, and night life, thanks to its location, for it is only an hour away from the "Distrito Federal".

More than one thousand archaeological sites have been discovered in Morelos, but only seven are open to the public. One of them is Teopanzolco, in the northern part of the city . The importance of this ancient ceremonial center lies in the multitudinous human sacrifices that were held in the pyramid. It has temples for Huitzilopochtli -the war God – and for Tláloc -the rain God –as well as other platforms in honor of various minor gods; because of this it is also known as "La Casa del Diablo" or The Devil’s House

The "Palacio de Cortes" is one of the oldest buildings in Mexico; it is 450 years old and has great historical value. Originally it was home to Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortés and his family. In the XVIII century it became a jail, where the insurgent leader from Morelos, Jose Maria Morelos y Pavón was held prisoner. During general Santa Anna’s dictatorship, don Juan Alvarez, of the alternate government, used it as his headquarters; during the French intervention it was the emperor’s office . Today it is a precious museum and displays part of the state’s history including murals of the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

The Borda Gardens and Museum, the Robert Brady Museum, the Cathedral and Convent de la Asunción, the National Park Laguna de Zempoala are some of the sites to visit when staying in Cuernavaca.

In Mexico, the goal is to offer activities that are in harmony with the environment and the cultural heritage of all tourist sites. In Morelos, the hike from Amatlan to Tlayacapán is a sustainable activity with beautiful landscapes and views that offer the visitor the opportunity to climb up to 2000 meters above sea level to visit the Tepozteco pyramid and to visit the Tepoztlán valley. The Olmec pyramid was built between 1,150 AD. – 1,300 AD. in honor of Ometochtli – Tepoxtecli , the God of fertility and pulque harvest. Camping in Amatlán, crossing lowland forests and following the path to Tlayacapán, will connect the visitor with the natural beauty of pre-Columbian Morelia.

One of the most unforgettable experiences to have in Mexico is to actually create a "Morelense" craft, guided by a náhuatl native from the Cuentepec community. The náhuatl language is used daily in this city, for it is here that one of the purest indigenous groups of the country established. Hand-made pottery is exclusive of the Cuentepec women, but now it also belongs to the many tourists that decide to try this unique pre-Hispanic experience.

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