PACHUCA Known as La Bella Airosa or the "Graceful Beauty", this is a city filled with color, tradition and splendid landscapes. The state capital since it was founded, Pachuca has history, natural settings and Mexican folklore for all ages to enjoy. Beginning with the younger, the state offers the Rehilete Children's Museum, one of the best in the nation, where boys and girls can learn and have fun at the same time in one of its modern "experimentation halls", which include different topics to choose from such as art, nature and computers. As it would be expected, the city has also two important museums dedicated to a local tradition, the mining industry, called The Mining Museum and the Museum of Mineralogy, the latter of which exhibits epoch Mexican and French pieces of furniture used during the times of the Porfiriato, as well as some 700 mineral samples natural of the region, and other 500 from around the world. Other historical places with beautiful architecture include the Barreteros Market, the Reloj Monumental or "Monumental Clock", the Rule House, the temple and ... Read more >>

Numerous indigenous groups occupied the territory of the present-day state of Hidalgo. The first to arrive wer ...

Hidalgo is one of the states within the Mexican republic where traditions from native ancestors are kept alive ...

ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES A visit to Pachuca will not be complete unless visitors get to know at least one of the a...

The states economy has been traditionally linked to the mining industry, and the main products extracted from ...

The central state of Hidalgo spreads across a territory of 20,846 sq. km., which represents just 1% of the nat ...

Hidalgo plans its industrial activity as the main tool for economic development, mainly through mining, manufa ...

Lic. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Consitutional Governor for the State of Hidalgo, was born in Pachuca, Hidalgo. ...

According to the latest census that took place across the Mexican territory in the year 2005, Hidalgo is home ...

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