Where to Stay inCampeche

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This wonderful hotel is composed by a series of antique colonial houses renovated for providing an unparallel experience.
Calle 59 #71

5 stars
A glorious colonial estate renovated by expert architects. It is the luxurious Hotel Uayamon. This hotel is part of the exclusive hotel group The Luxury Collection.
Carretera China-Edzna-Uayamon Km 20.
Phone 01 800 021 7526

4 stars
An antique colonial building hosts this beautiful 83 room boutique hotel.
Calle 10 #126 Col. Centro

4 stars
Every single room enjoys a beautiful view of the coastal avenue. It is located only two blocks away from the city's historic center.
Av. 16 de Septiembre #128
Phone (981) 816 3911

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