Where to Go / What to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Definitely the best of Cabo San Lucas are its impressive beaches offering an unparallel natural beauty. Without a doubt, it is the best attraction and there are different types of beaches for every taste. Here are some of them: Playa Medano (much visited), Playa del Amor (very peaceful) and Santa Maria Bay (for snorkeling).

What made Cabos famous continues to be one of the main attractions, for experts as well as for those who want to learn. Among the main species abundant in these waters there are marlin, tuna, dorado, swordfish and sailfish, among others.

Swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, water bikes, yachts, cruise ships...anything related to water, just name it and Cabo San Lucas will have it. You shouldn't miss the sand falls, rock archery, snorkeling at Pez Gato, Crucero de Relajo and the pirate ship.

Not everything is water in Cabo, for those in search of less humid activities this paradise also offers a great number of activities such as:
- Glass Factory, where you can see and learn the ancestral art of glass blowing.
- Todos los Santos, traditional town with excellent crafts and restaurants
- Main dock, a place you shouldn't miss
- Off-road trekking, rent an ATV or motorcycle for having a tour of the mountains or deserts"…simply brilliant.

Golf has quickly become one of the greatest attractions. Los Cabos is proud to have 5 golf courses. Three of these were designed by Jack Nicklaus, one by Robert Trent Jones II and the other by Pete Dye. Cabo del Sol, created by Nicklaus, is on the Mar de Cortez beach, it has been named one of the five most beautiful golf courses in the world. Where else can you catch marlin in the morning, play eighteen holes and still get home early?

Being a tour on the beach or a journey through the hills, it doesn't matter if you are an experienced rider or a novice, we recommend you try it.

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