Where to Eat in Monterrey

In the last five years, the city has experienced a ¨boom¨ in the food business, which as a result makes Monterrey a gastronomical forefront. It has an amplified variety of national and international dishes which follow the latest tendencies and décor.

In the past, the city gastronomically only offered regional foods such as, tacos, beef, Mexican dishes, goat, and some North American fast food such as pizza and hamburgers. Today however, it dining offers the finest dishes, Japanese fusion, the best recipes direct from Italy, and the best steak cuts from Argentina which has come to compete with the north.

Contemporary kitchen of the highest quality, Pangea offers the best and biggest winery in the north of the state. Bosques Del Valle 110-20 Col. Bosques Del Valle, San Pedro Garza Garcia
Phone (81) 8356 5612/ 8378 0412

Continuing with the same quality of contemporary kitchen of the best quality, the Heritage is an excellent option.

Ideal for a family outing on the weekend, a romantic outing, or a mid-day business meeting, Hawaii 5-0 is a seafood tradition in the city.

Located in the central plaza in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, L´Anfora has delicious Italian dishes in a renaissance styled atmosphere with woods and excellent wines.
Melchor Ocampo 104 Plaza Centro, Villa De Santiago
Phone (81) 2285-4750

Other restaurants that offer tradicional Italian dishes are: Il Capriccio, La Scala, Don Pásquele y Silvanos.

If you want to prove the quality of the North of Mexico, the restaurant San Carlos offers its customers the best cuts in the region accompanied with delicious beans ¨with poison¨, quesadillas in tortillas of nixtamal with hot homemade sauces, in a business ambient during the week and a family ambient from Friday to Sunday.
Ave. Jose Vasconcelos 616 Col. Valle Del Campestre, San Pedro G. G.
Phone (81) 8335-5700
Ave. Morones Prieto 2803 Col. Loma Larga, Monterrey
Phone (81) 8344-4114

Other restaurants of metas and mexican dishes are: El Regio, El Mirador, El Rey del Cabrito.

Also part of the Pangea group, La Catarina offers the best in Mexican kitchen. A great variety of dishes from central and south Mexico are part of the long list of specialties.
Morones Prieto 2525 Col. Loma Larga, Monterrey
Phone (81) 8345-3340

Enjoy the best Japanese fusion in the country with one of the most popular ambients in Monterrey.
Calzada San Pedro 102 Plaza Duendes, San Pedro G. G.
Phone (81) 8335-2060

La Boga, La Cocina de Pancracio y La Leche are other places with great kitchens and fusions, where aromas and diverse tastes come together to give a result of unique dishes for your mouth to enjoy and discover excellent atmospheres with updated menus.

As its name indicates, this restaurant offers the best kitchen of Rio de la Plata on regional lands.
Rio Grijalva105 Nte. Col. Del Valle, San Pedro G. G.
Phone (81) 8400-8600

Other Argentinean restaurants of great tradition in Monterrey are El Gaucho, Las Pampas and El Neuquén, with more youthful cuts specializing in Argentinean empanadas

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