International Obsidian Festival

Framed by the majestic remains of the Aztec culture in the sacred ceremonial city of Teotihuacan, year after year for the past 25 years, the International Obsidian Festival has been celebrated.

This volcanic glass results from years of underground mineral evolution and has served as a precise element in the culture, traditions and weapons of diverse human groups who have used it for creating crafts, jewels, utensils and even weapons for hunting and wars or defending themselves and subduing their enemies.

The International Obsidian Festival (FIO) intends to contribute in the economic development of Teotihuacan area, promoting not only the work of many workshops and craftsmen dedicated to sculpting this material, forming an event that lasts a few days in a series of art shows, including dance with classic ballet, modern and Prehispanic choreographies; and various sports as wrestling, horseback riding, ‘charreria’, palenques, Prehispanic ball games and folklore cultural events plus classic and antique car shows and motorcycle races.

Greatly admired is the hot-air balloon show held at Rancho la Ventilla, in which dozens of these artifacts take off next to a fireworks show through the blue skies of Teotihuacan’s archeological site.

The International Obsidian Festival has a queen who, after a close contest among various aspiring young ladies, is crowned by government officials in a majestic dance celebrated as part of this important event.

FIO also sells special items designed each year by a renowned artist or sculptor in order to raise funds for projects that create jobs and commerce attracting tourism, the main activity at the area surrounding the pyramids.

Don’t miss the next edition of this wonderful event that translates into a world-class artistic expression promoting the ancient culture of Mexico’s people and their extraordinary magic.

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