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The Tuzos soccer team belongs to Club de Futbol Pachuca and is in the First Division. With a great fan base, this is one of Mexicans favorite soccer teams for being the first Mexican team, founded in 1900.

The country's most important mining museum is located in Pachuca for this locality's great mining tradition. Located in a beautiful XIX century buildings, its exhibits reconstruct the region's mining history since 1556 until 1967. Old tools of the extracting activity, technical processes, thousands of documents and heavy machinery are part of the treasures hosted in this museum.
Calle de Mina #10 Colonia Centro
Phone (771) 715 0976

If you want to fully know the history of central Hidalgo State, then you have to visit the Museo Regional de Historia, where in three halls you will learn about the entity's geographic and natural characteristics, political, economical and social structure, as well as its participation during the formation of the Mexican nation.
Calle de Arista #200 Colonia Centro
Phone (771) 714 3520

Science, art and technology can be a lot of fun"…if you visit Museo del Rehilete. In this fun and creative space, young and old will learn through interesting experiments and educational exhibits. Additionally, Planetario Pachuca is found alongside, where you can admire thousands of stars in this 36 feet diameter vault.
Carretera México "– Pachuca Km 84.5
Phone (771) 771 2044

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