Tequila National Fair in Jalisco, Mexico

Considered the Mexican alcoholic beverage by excellence, the tequila is such a delight to drink, that in the region where it was first made a festival takes place to honor it. This way, the Tequila National Fair takes place from the last Saturday of November until the second Sunday of December during the festivities of the Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe. This fair is held in – where else but in the community of Tequila, in Jalisco!

It is worth mentioning that the show takes place during religious holidays, where “Novenas”, fireworks, chimes, Mañanitas, and tours of music around the streets are a tradition. The show begins with a grand opening parade that runs along Morelos street and Sixto Gorjón Avenue, accompanied by floats and the crowning of the Queen of the Fair, all this accompanied by a good show of fireworks, which is the delight of young and old people alike. Presentations by the leading manufacturers of tequila are held on the second day, showing the process of manufacturing the beverage, and of course, wine tastings. The main events at the fair are: Video presentations of services available for tourists, folkloric ballets, mariachis, traditional foods tasting, cultural events, comedians, children's shows, dances from other countries which are different every year, choral groups, bands, a show of horsemanship and cockfights, plus the closing of the event itself.

Within the fair are the stands of the most representative companies of the tequila industry, where you can buy this drink and get company data for later sales. Installed there are also various craft stalls. Note that there is also a wide variety of foods being sold and it is customary in the Fair to accompany these with a swig of mezcal to open up your appetite. So whether it be tequila or mezcal, diners can enjoy authentic pozole from Jalisco, along with some delicious enchiladas and seafood that in this region, are seasoned in their own way.

The fair is a good excuse to visit the region of Tequila and its surroundings. An attractive way to know the neighborhood (although it is a little bit pricy) is through the ride tours of the Tequila Express, which is a tour train operated by the National Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Services and Tourism of Guadalajara, which leaves the railway station in the municipality of Tequila at 9 am and returns after 6 pm, after having traveled to the town of Amatitlán, specifically to the Hacienda San Jose, in which various tours, tastings and performances are offered to the delight of the tourists.

Nonetheless, the government and common sense suggest visitors not to exceed in the wine tastings in order to have a calm and mostly familiar environment. To summarize and as a very important thing, remember that the fair is sponsored by the Secretary of Tourism of the State and the nearby municipalities and therefore you can visit the Facebook of the municipality to find out about the visiting artists, regulations and changes related to this event:


Welcome to Tequila, Jalisco, and. .. happy wine tasting!

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Photo: Alejandra Coronado