Where to Eat in Tijuana

In addition to gastronomy fairs, Tijuana offers a great variety of culinary delicacies, with restaurants ranging from signature cuisine to the best fish tacos. We find among the best places:

A great example of Baja California architecture and cuisine.
Calz. Salinas #11154
Phone (664) 622 9773

For those who love Mexican food.
Calz. Sánchez Tabeada #10611
Phone (664) 634 3346

The ideal place for enjoying beer (national or imported) and a traditional tortilla soup, surrounded by a very colorful and picturesque ambiance.
Av. Revolución #701
Phone (664) 685 6024

Signature cuisine with very innovative dishes like shrimp salad with papaya and avocado.
Calz. Escuadron #201
Phone (664) 215 0970

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