Where to Eat in Taxco

Taxco's gastronomy is distinguished for the exotic ingredients of its delectable mestizo dishes like jumiles, small protein-rich insects, and delicious iguana meat, both presented in multiple ways like tamales, tacos, mole and other forms, generally corn-based, leading ingredient in every Mexican kitchen. Also, don't forget to accompany your meal with a refreshing alcoholic drink called Berta, a mix of mineral water, honey, lemon and tequila.

Popular restaurant of regional food. Don't forget to order some delicious jumiles or iguana meat tamales.
Plaza Borda 1 Bajos

Rich Mexican cuisine in a 100% family environment. Mexican buffet every Saturday.
Located in the facilities of Hotel Monte Taxco
Fracc. Lomas de Taxco

Restaurant of international specialties.
Plaza Borda 1 Altos

Restaurant of international specialties.
Plazuela de San Juan 13 Altos

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