About Acapulco

Also known as the Pearl of the Pacific, Acapulco was our countryÂ's first great tourism resort. Its protected bay hosts internationally renowned hotels and restaurants, in addition to great and modern apartment buildings along the well known coastal avenue Miguel Alemán.

The impressive cliffs of La Quebrada have been put to the test everyday for the past 50 years by audacious divers, offering this spectacle for the curiosity of national and foreign visitors.

AcapulcoÂ's natural scenarios have been immortalized in numerous Mexican and Hollywood movies and have been the place chosen by great show business personalities like Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Silvia Pinal, Silvia Derbez and Jorge Negrete for vacationing. Besides the spectacular sunsets, Acapulco is distinguished for its party nights at the level of the best nightclubs worldwide.

Originally inhabited by Nahua Indians, it was later used by the Aztecs solely as a commercial route. In the XVI century, Spaniards arrived to the port for funding the Santa Lucia settlement in 1528. Soon, the new residents noticed the importance of their geographic location for establishing commercial contact with Manila City, from which they imported silk and other objects formerly unknown to pre-Columbian Mexico.

In addition to the constant pirate attacks, the villa suffered a terrible crisis, victim to the powerful earthquake of 1776 that completely destroyed it. A rapid recovery returned to ashes during MexicoÂ's Independence War.

It wasnÂ't until the mid 20th century when the Guerrero port discovered its tourism vocation by developing a great infrastructure noticed by the wealthy and famous of Hollywood of the 1950Â's. This great popularity drew the attention of North American filmmakers, resulting in the scenario of famous Hollywood movies with stars like Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor.

However, splendor reached Acapulco in the 1970Â's and ever since then enjoys being one of MexicoÂ's most popular tourist destinations.

Some of the natural attractions of Acapulco are the beautiful Laguna Negra of Puerto Marquez and the Laguna de Coyuca, the Bay of Puerto Marquez, Barra Vieja and Playa Bonfil. Acapulco also has a privileged location in Mexico, only four hours away from Mexico City by Autopista del Sol.



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