Hospitals in Tapachula

At Tapachula, the population has the basic and specialized health services offered by medical institutions like Cruz Roja Mexicana, public hospital Metropolitano del Sur and diverse clinics of IMSS and ISSSTE.

Hospital Metropolitano Del Sur
Public medical institution with emergency services, hospitalization and intensive care.
Ave Central Oriente #67 Col. Centro
Phone (962) 626 6581

Cruz Roja
Esquina de 1a Oriente y 9na Avenida Norte Col. Centro
Phone (962) 626 1949

Sanatorio Soconusco
Avenida 4a Norte #68 Col. Centro
Phone (962) 626 3643 y 5074

Hospital De Especialidades San Agustín Del Soconusco
Blvd. B Domínguez s/n Col. Infonavit
Phone (962) 625 3880

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