Where to Eat in Ciudad del Carmen

In the streets of Ciudad del Carmen, the markets offer fresh fish and seafood from the Terminos lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico, where in addition to selecting it you can ask for it grilled, ready to taste in the nearer seat you find. Also, it is possible to find a good selection of cuisines in the local restaurants, Yucatecan dishes and Italian and Brazilian food.

Seafood and fish specialties "“campechano"” style.
Av. Periférica local 4 Col. Puntilla

Coffee Shop and regional entrees.
20th street 203 Col. Centro

Regional Entrees.
47th street 86 Local A

Brazilian steak house.
56th street 324 Col. Justo Sierra

Italian food restaurant
24th street 33 Col. Centro

Cafe with a large menu of Mexican entrees and other plates.
Plaza Real Mall, Periférico Avenue

H. Ayuntamiento del municipio de Carmen, Campeche, en http://www.carmen.gob.mx

H. Ayuntamiento del municipio de Carmen, Campeche, en http://www.carmen.gob.mx

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