Campeche’s main attraction is its great natural heritage, divided into 4 great natural regions: coast, mountain, rivers and jungle. All of these regions have facilities and elements for practicing alternative tourism, such as environmental, adventure and rural tourism. Campeche has six natural protected areas: Calakmul Biosphere, considered Mexico’s largest tropic reserve; Laguna de Términos, classified as a natural sanctuary for dolphin, tortoiseshell turtle and manatee breeding; Rio Celestum is the largest mangrove area on the Gulf of Mexico; Petenes is comprised of islets with a jungle that grows among the mangroves; Balam Kin Reserve is a heavenly mosaic of natural landscapes and Balam Ku Reserve is a natural border between the northern and southern forests and a famous bat sanctuary. Laguna de Térmi ... Read more >>

Campeche is located in southeast Mexico and is part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It was home to the Maya culture ...

The state of Campeche offers visitors a cultural wealth displayed in the everyday activities of its inhabitant ...

Located in the municipality of Carmen, Laguna de Términos is an environmental complex conformed by numerous e...

Mining, agriculture and fishing are the main economic activities among other industries. Campeche is the n ...

Located in the south-east region of the Mexican Republic, the state of Campeche covers an area of 57,727 squa ...

The municipalities most densely populated in the State of Campeche are Calkiní, Campeche, Carmen, Champotón, E ...

Fernando Eutimio Ortega Bernés was born in the city of Campeche in 1958. He obtained a degree in Political Sc ...

The 2006 census registered a population of 754,730 inhabitants in Campeche, with an almost even distribution b ...

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