ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES The state of Tabasco contains several traces of ceremonial and civic centers belonging to a handful of pre-Hispanic cultures which inhabited the region throughout its history : La Venta, major ceremonial compound of the Olmecas during the highest period of splendor of this culture, the art of which displays strong references to the jaguar; Comalcalco and Pomona, containing Maya remains dated as contemporary with those major compounds of Palenque and Yaxhilan located in other areas of Mesoamerica; and the site of Malpasito, legacy of the Zoque tribe which inhabited the area in the period 400-250 of our time, with an altar from which it is still possible to admire the grandeur of the place. ADVENTURE IN THE SIERRA Route For those with an adventurous spirit and hoping for a closer co ... Read more >>

The year 800 B.C. witnessed the highest point in the development of the pre-Classical civilization of the Olme ...

One of the traditions deeply rooted in the culture of the state of Tabasco is that of having seven meals a day ...

Some of the natural wonders to be found along this route include : the Cocona and the Canicas caves, just the ...

Tabasco has a fundamental vocation towards agriculture. The geographic conditions of the state's territories p ...

Located in the entrance by land to the Yucatan peninsula, the state of Tabasco borders the Gulf of Mexico to t ...

Tabasco is part of the Gulf of Mexico basin, a State full of history and beautiful traditions. The economic ...

Andres Rafael Granier Melo was born at Villahermosa, Tabasco in 1948. He has a degree on Chemical Parasite Bi ...

According to the last population census run across Mexico in the year 2005,Tabasco reports a little less than ...

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