MICHOACAN MUSEUM Located in a sumptuous house in Morelia, the state capital, this museum exhibits archeology belonging to the local ethnic groups, and includes ceramics, pottery, and pipes; rebel weaponry; and the library that once belonged to friar Alonso de Veracruz, which contains numerous literary treasures of Mexican History. The city of Morelia is also home to the State Museum, the Museum House of Jose Maria Morelos, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Colonial Art and the Natural History Museum. "ROSARIO" , Sanctuary of the Monarch Butterfly Rosario is the sanctuary for the largest "Monarch" butterfly found anywhere in the world. In the forests of Michoacan, this type of butterfly finds a shelter every winter and so avoids endangering the survival of the sub-species. The rest of the year, these creatures live in Canada and the United States. Located in the Ocampo municipality, this sanctuary is the only one that offers guided tours, which can enhance the visitors experience. PATZCUARO LAKE One of the best places to spend the holidays in Mexico, this lak ... Read more >>

The territories of the present state of Michoacan de Ocampo were occupied by diverse pre-Spaniard cultures, su ...

One of the greatest pleasures for the people of Michoacan takes place when they seat at the table to enjoy a m ...

MORELIA To travel around the historic center of the late city of Valladolid means to take memory lane to col...

The economy of the state is based mainly on the commercial sector, the iron and steel industry, and the agricu ...

Located on the western coast of the country, the state of Michoacan extends across an area of 58,643 sq. kilom ...

Morelia is a city with small and medium sized companies producing oil derivates, flour, plastics, candies and ...

Lic. Leonel Godoy, Constitutional Governor for the State of Michoacan for the term 2008-2012, was born in the ...

The last census that took place in 2005 reported a population of 3´966,073 inhabitants in the state of Michoac ...

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