PUERTO VALLARTA Located in the second largest bay in America, the Banderas bay, the city and beaches of Puerto Vallarta welcome millions of visitors each year. Famous for the fishing tournaments taking place every year on November, and for the hectic nightlife across its numerous bars and clubs facing the seafront, now this popular destination presents a new option, the beautiful beaches of Nuevo Vallarta, located just 30 minutes away from the original compound, and now one of the most modern and complete tourist developments in the country, as it contains five kilometers of beaches framed by wonderful resorts and high-end hotels, and also offers a luxury Marina with a capacity of no less than 250 vessels. The beaches of both Vallartas, the traditional and the new, represent the ideal location for those inclined ... Read more >>

The current territory of the state of Jalisco was inhabited during the X century of our time by communities be ...

Whenever a Mexican national gets his heart broken, when he longs for his motherland, or when the time calls fo ...

TEQUILA EXPRESS A unique route in its kind is awaiting visitors who embark on the train trip known as the "Te...

The buoyant Jalisco economy is supported by a wide variety of activities and industries, the most important an ...

The state of Jalisco extends throughout a surface of 80,137 sq. kilometers, and borders the states of Nayarit, ...

Outstanding among the productive sectors of Jalisco are the food and beverage, shoes, automobiles, manufacturi ...

C.P. Emilio Gonzalez Marquez was born on November 12, 1960 in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. He graduated as Public ...

With a population of 6´752,113 inhabitants, Jalisco takes 4th place nationwide according to the latest census ...

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Top mexican airports
In a country where tourism is a major revenue is not surprising that the airport industry is growing and the top 15 airports in the country received an average of just over 10% increase in the number of travelers regarding last year. Read More>>

The Manufacturing Process of the Mexican Tequila
One of the best known products that Mexico has given to the world is the tequila, a distilled alcoholic beverage with strong and sweet flavor that comes from the town of Tequila in Read More>>

The Main Manufacturers of Tequila in Mexico
Although there are several brands selling tequila (or a copycat, which can only be labeled as distilled) both internationally and within Mexico, few are the ones who manage to get recognition and appreciation by Read More>>

Tequila National Fair in Jalisco, Mexico
Considered the Mexican alcoholic beverage by excellence, the tequila is such a delight to drink, that in the region where it was first made a festival takes place to honor it. This way, Read More>>

Tenacatita Bay, in Jalisco, México
Tenacatita is one of the five bays of the Costa Alegre in Jalisco, which is composed of three beautiful beaches known as Boca de Iguanas, Tenacatita and La Manzanilla. The place Read More>>

Barra de Navidad, in Jalisco, Mexico
Barra de Navidad is a population with fishing origins whose founding dates back to the conquest era (although there are remains dating back to the year 542). The town itself is small (the population Read More>>

Nudist Beaches in Mexico
The acceptance of these tourist areas began in the 70's, and they have become very popular in some areas of the United States and Europe. In most public places nudity can get you arrested or impose you a Read More>>

The Worst Earthquakes in Mexico
Since we are located in a great seismic zone of the world (the San Andrés Fault in Baja California, Mexico´s location in the fire belt of the pacific and the country´s distribution among Read More>>

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The War of Reform, History of Mexico

Mexico’s War of Reform, also known as the Three Year War, occurred from December 17, 1857 to January 1, 1861. This armed conflict
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5th of February, Commemoration of the Constitution’s Promulgation

The 1917 Constitution is the result of a long historical process that started even before the Mexican Revolution. The Political
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The Cristero War

The Cristero War is also known as Cristiada. It was an armed struggle between the Government and the Church from 1926 to 1929. If was fought
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Miguel Hidalgo, Mexican Independence

Miguel Hidalgo is one of the most recognized characters in the movement for Mexico’s Independence. His full name was Miguel Gregorio
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The Most Important Natural Disasters Occurred in Mexico

Climatic change is currently a recurrent topic. The phenomenon is the result of centuries of human activity, mainly the transformation and
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