Where to Go / What to Do in San Jose del Cabo

The coral reefs of Cabo Pulmo are one of the largest wonders of Sea de Cortes. The National Marine Park Cabo Pulmo is the ideal place for scuba diving fanatics. The submarine visibility of these fresh waters of Sea de Cortes fluctuates between 18 and 30 meters. The mexican ship ¨El Colima¨ which drowned in 1939, constitutes a wonderful attraction just 2.4 km from the north point of Cabo Pulmo. The local administration of the park is lead by Patronato de la Alianza, a local community driven team.

Designed by mother nature to give home and food to 250 species of birds at different seasons of the year, this area of San Jose del Cabo, offers the opportunity to walk through paths and observe exotic birds. Also this area is one of the few sources of freshwater in all the state.

One of the principal attractions of the coast of Baja California south are its spectacular golf courses. Meeting the highest international standards, the fans of this sport enjoy a great ocean view while being surrounded by the desert nature of the state.

The great natural diversity of desert plants located in the california territory, is located for its admiration in the Cacti Mundo botanic garden. More than 5 thousand species of plants are exhibited beautifully as part of the conservation and protection project of Cacti Mundo. In this garden you will find not only original and typical desert plants from this state, but also an interesting display of plants from other parts of the world.


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