Nightlife in Monterrey

The night life of the city is mainly concentrated in the historic center of the city, an area known as the Barrio Antiguo, where the streets close to vehicular traffic for the young at heart to be out of harms way and in the best places for night life of the entity.

Beginning the party on Thursdays, the regional people of Barrio Antiguo arrive around 10:30 at night to begin with a great pasta in Café La Galeria or a rich European style tort; later they visit the night clubs and bars that offer a selection of rock alternative music or regional music.

Famous night club that opens its doors at midnight. The live group plays the popular music of the moment in English and Spanish.
Padre Mier #1097 Barrio Antiguo

The young clients of this place have the option of enjoying good dancing to the rhythm of the group that plays a selection of popular tunes from each decade. On the second floor an outdoor terrace with alternative rock rhythms in English. .
Dr. Coss #837 Sur Barrio Antiguo

The favorite place of all those who wish to dance reggeaton or hip hop on Fridays; while Saturdays it is visited by the faithful clients who like the English alternative music of the moment.
Padre Mier #1102 Barrio Antiguo

The specialty of the house, margaritas and meat. The Nueva Luna offers live pop and rock music for all those who do not wish to remain seated.
Padre Mier #808 Barrio Antiguo

Inside the Barrio Antiguo a closed space was created to shelter night clubs that share a patio that serves as a stage for great musical and artistic events. Some of the night clubs are found inside the zocalo like La Chavela, Club 22 and Manaus.
Padre Mier Oriente #1043 Barrio Antiguo

Offers live music and a bar and regular artists. In the back patio, they offer concerts invited from all Latin America.
Padre Mier #827 Barrio Antiguo

Also located in Barrio Antiguo, the Café is the stage for regional alternative music. Local bands, international known dj´s are there on weekends and on Sundays adolescent bands are booked (no alcohol of course).
Diego de Montemayor #927 Sur Barrio Antiguo

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