Where to Stay inCuernavaca

In Cuernavaca you will find traditional international hotel franchises and beautiful resorts located in isolated natural areas that will make you forget stress and daily worries. Some of these places offer meditation and relaxing massages so you can submerge yourself completely in rest of mind and body.

5 Stars

4 stars
Excellent service. If you desire to secure your room, make sure you do it ahead of time because this hotel is very popular on the weekends.
Blvd. Diaz Ordaz #9 Col. Cantarras

4 Stars
Described by its guests as a ¨paradise in the heart of the city¨. Ideal for relaxing and getting away from daily routine, there are no televisions in the rooms, it offers yoga, meditation and spa.
Gral. Diego Díaz González #31 Col. José Parres

4 Stars
Blvd. Díaz Ordaz #86
Phone (777) 362 0203

3 Stars
Small hotel with the best service, located in an isolated area with no noise, this place is ideal for relaxing and enjoying a great rest.
Privada Jardín Chipitlán 5ª Col. Las Palmas

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