Hospitals in Morelia

The structure of medical and educational services in Morelia corresponds to that of a great metropolitan area interested in giving the best quality and variety in each branch. Public and private clinics of general services, emergencies as well as public, private, religious, and ecological universities open their doors to the Michoacan population. Following is a list of some of the health and educational institutions found in the city.

Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Salud
Zaragoza 276, Col. Centro
Phone (443) 312-0990

Hospital Clínica de Fátima
Ana María Gallaga 940, Col. Centro
Phone (443) 312-1212

Hospital Memorial
Av. Camelinas 2111, Col. INFONAVIT Las Camelinas
Phone (443) 315-1047

Hospital General Vasco de Quiroga
Trabajo de Agricultura 335, colonia FOVISSSTE
Phone (443) 317-4916

Hospital General
San Ramos corner with Isidro Huarte, Col. Centro
Phone (443) 312-7216

Clínica Americana
Patriotismo 94, Col. Molino de Parras
Phone (443) 326-5707

Clínica Guadalupe
Calle Sexta 446, Col.Centro
Phone (443) 316-8625

Clínica Hospital de Dios
Mariano de Jesús Torres 81, Col. Dr. Miguel Silva
Phone (443) 313-6033 / 312-3311

Clínica y Maternidad Medicentro
Isidro Huarte 521-303, Col. Centro
Phone (443) 312-1631

Médica Quirúrgica del Bosque
Ana María Gallaga 985, Col. Cuauthemoc
Phone (443) 312-9840

Cruz Roja Mexicana
Calzada Ventura Puente 27, colonia Centro
Phone (443) 314 5025

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