Nightlife in Guadalajara

Modern discotec with a mix of live banda music and the best hits of the moment.
Av. López Mateos # 1495-B
Ph. (33) 3647 2895

A new concept to the traditional Mexican cantina it recaptures the festive atmosphere of those places and mixes them with ¨packages¨ of cuts of meat, beer, modern music and a youthful relaxing atmosphere.
Av. Manuel J. Clouthier # 479
Ph. (33) 3673 2883

This bull museum is the ideal place to drink a couple of beers, or any other drink the extensive national and international bar offers.
Av. La Paz # 2133 Col. La Fayette
Ph. (33) 3587 6053
Maestranza # 179 Col. Centro
Ph. (33) 3613 5878

El Chile Rojo is a Mexican restaurant specializing in drowned tortas, and today has also become a popular bar with live music and a rustic atmosphere.
Volcán Boquerón # 2520
Ph. (33) 3125 2814

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