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University heritage of Colima, this museum is hosted within an 18th century colonial mansion. Its fourteen exhibit halls tell the history of Mexico from the Prehispanic era to the formation of the state and capital of Colima.

This archeological site is found only 6 kilometers from the City of Colima but its cultural identity hasn't been confirmed yet. The numerous representations of Tlaloc, god of rain, distinguish this place that peaked in splendor between 1,100 and 1,400 AD. Ceremonial centers, ball games, plazas and a great knowledge on metals identify this site as a place related to the ancient city of Tula.

Named after the tree known as Cahuite, which flourishes on the banks of Salado River, this site represents one of the most priviledged ecotourism sites of the State. Its parks and exuberant vegetation turn this environment into a favorite for rest and entertainment for the hundreds of visitors who visit its thermal waters which provide medicinal benefits for their mineral and biological content, proven by locals to stimulate the defenses, detoxify the blood and reactivating the metabolism.

University Museum of Popular Arts "“Maria Teresa Pomar"” shows important exhibits of folklore and popular art from Colima for having more than 2,000 artistic objects. Visitors can view musical instruments, masks, textiles, dance props, baskets, ironworks, hard fibers and popular paintings. It was named in honor of the renowned popular arts researcher, Maria Teresa Pomar.

Another interesting museum in this city is the Occident Cultures Museum "“Maria Ahumada de Gomez"”, exhibiting a thorough description of Mesoamerica and objects from an archeological collection of multiple museum categories, such as art, religion and architecture. Contemporary Art Museum "“Jorge Chavez Carrillo"” has three halls exhibiting temporary exhibits, in addition to being a social gathering site for the people of Colima.

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