Where to Go / What to Do in Tapachula

At beautiful Perla de Soconusco it is your duty to tour through the Historic Center for enjoying the city's colonial architecture as the former Palacio de Gobierno, today Casa de la Cultura or the popular Parroquia de San Agustin, the city's patron saint, and also of the art-deco style constructions like Portaviandas, for later resting under the fresh shadow of the trees in Parque Hidalgo or Plaza Central while you watch local couples and families chat about the most relevant topics or mitigate the heat with a delicious ice cream.

At Museo Regional de Tapachula you can admire beautiful vestiges of prehispanic cultures that inhabited or passed by the area of Soconusco, like the Aztecs and Teotihuacan.
Free entrance on Sundays.

Located 20 minutes from the city's downtown, this ecopark extends over 60 hectares of exuberant green areas where you and your family can enjoy a fun eco-friendly tour. Feel the adrenaline when flying over the neighboring coffee plantations in the Tyrolean crossing or practice an extreme sport like mountain climbing and rappel. Additionally, you can have fun in the soccer, volleyball and basketball courts, horseback ride, learn about exotic flowers at the flower nursery or compete at the extreme four-wheel motorcycle track. All of this and more in a single place, La Changa.
Highway to Presa Cecilio del Valle
Phone (962) 626 5592

If you are looking for extreme excitement, then you can't miss Ecoparque Tacana. At this place you will find the largest Tyrolean crossing in Latin America, where you can fly over green coffee plantations at great speed. The park is also conditioned with all the tourism services necessary like parking lot, restaurant, restroom and crafts store.
Road to Trinidad Las Delicias
Phone (962) 628 5925

Located 40 minutes away from the city of Tapachula, this beautiful fresh water natural waterfall offers the opportunity to camp or practice sports like rappel and rafting.

This interesting crocodile and alligator breeding area opens its doors to the public so young and old can learn about the life of these and other interesting animals like boas and turtles in a completely safe and family oriented environment.

Many travelers visit the zone of Soconusco for learning about the famous coffee industry of Chiapas. Located on Carretera Alemania, 13 coffee estates offer varied tours through their beautiful and renovated facilities, besides offering all the services of a recreation center like ecotourism activities, meals and lodging. Among them are the Finca Argovia, Finca Hamburgo and Finca Irlanda.

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