The Great Gastronomy from Puebla Mexico

The location of the State of Puebla has granted it an important place in Mexico’s history, it has always been an obligated route between central Mexico and the Gulf Coast. Moctezuma’s troops went through this land attempting to expand his action, policies and economy, encountering a great diversity of products from the region’s soil, animals and vegetables. Its climate is as diverse as the ethnic groups living in its heterogeneous surroundings: the Mixteca, the Huasteca, Puebla’s Mountain Range and the vast valleys that produce the natural food of its indigenous people; corn and pulque, the traditional drink.

The endless amount of dishes originated in this region potray the gastronomical crafts of ancient Mexico and the colonial era. Therefore, the tables of Puebla are filled with colors expressing the combination of European ingredients as seeds, spices and animals, with a profound knowledge of objects made of clay, wood and Talavera, beautifying its kitchens.

The magic of the traditional settings, faithful to family traditions, is gathered in Puebla’s cuisine, particularly with dishes derived from corn, such as chalupas, picadas, quesadillas, tamales and others produced by the experiments of families and nuns, creating such typical dishes as mole de olla, molote and pozole. Also characteristic of the region are dishes found in other States of Mexico, but with the ingredients of their particular climates, such as corn with rajas and enfrijoladas.

We can still mention more dishes, such as chiles en nogada and the basic ingredients of more elaborate others such as pipian and cuitalcoche. In the central region of Puebla there is a great tradition of culinary crafts with the traditional candies: camotes, dulce de leche, rompope, lágrimas de Obispo, pastitas and others made from seeds produced throughout the State, evidence of a legendary art.

Puebla is famous for its delicious and varied gastronomy but also for offering clay pots, metal and wood spoons that impart a unique flavor to food. The roots of Puebla’s cuisine joined the food of indigenous people with the Spanish, transforming it into a mixed cuisine. The prehispanic gastronomy was rich in mole and pipian, having turkey, different species of peppers, seeds and tomatoes. An example of this is mole poblano, which was created in the Convent of Santa Rosa during the XVII century. Back in those days, convents created and evolved Puebla’s cuisine.
It is impossible to forget the dish of greatest tradition during the country’s month, its preparation requires the green of the chile poblano, the white of cream and the red of pomegranate, the exquisite chiles en nogada. The list can go on forever for tasting the nutritious and delicious cuisine of Puebla.

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