Punta Mita, in Nayarit, Mexico

This beautiful beach is located on the Pacific Ocean coast, in the state of Nayarit, approximately 40 minutes northwest of Puerto Vallarta, in the so called Riviera Nayarit. Punta Mita is the name of the community that has grown in the last years as a tourist center and is a great place for resting and relaxing. This does not mean there is no entertainment, for there are many attractions to be found at this place. Its dimension is more than six square kilometers and it can be reached driving through De la Cruz Highway.

The beach is so calm and the natural formations, which are a consequence of volcanic rock in the Banderas Bay, are amazing. Crystal clear water, fine white sand, exuberant vegetation and the small housing development, have made this area to be considered practically virgin. It can be visited year round, although it is recommended to check the weather forecast during the storm season. Even then, the warm – partially humid climate predominates in the area.

The lodging services at Punta Mita are focused mainly to high class clients, (in fact, many celebrities visit the place), since many of the hotels and restaurants are either 4 or 5 stars.

Travelers are mainly American and European, although national tourism is also fluid. Many of the hotels offer online reservations; other services are Spas offering several therapies, cabin rentals, conference rooms and even private areas within hotel beaches.

Golf is an activity that deserves special mention, as the sea view from the several 18-hole courses is magnificent; there are holes being played in islands which is, without a doubt an amazing challenge! Fishing also stands out in the area, as there are rental boats and/or diving equipment to aid in the fishing of yellow fish, tuna, sword fish, black and blue marlin, amongst others. Fish banks are abundant and some of the fish are huge!

If you only wish to swim, the water temperature will make it easier, as it is mildly warm; additionally, the clear waters are an invitation to diving, kayaking or surfing. During the walking tours we can admire beautiful birds, and marine mammals such as whales and dolphins. It is worth pointing out, among these excursions, the one made close to the Marietas Islands, an archipelago with a large amount of nests on its surface.

Gourmet cooking could not be missed in a place like this, and it also stands out above others for the use of the area resources for its preparation. This is how many fruits like passion fruit, star fruit, fig, pineapple and more are combined with seafood like shrimp and fish, like the red snapper and the tuna. There are also restaurants with international Italian and French cuisines The locations also have a wonderful view since some of them offer evening dinners under the stars.

Finally, it is recommended to visit the surrounding counties during their cultural festivities: At Banderas Bay, the celebration starts with a pilgrimage on January 24th and several events that last until February 2nd. Other places are San José del Valle with a parade of floats starting on March 10th and lasting until the 19th, or San Juan de Abajo, from May 15th to the 24th. In short, the experience of visiting Punta Mita (and all the bay) will be an unforgettable experience for all the family!

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Photo: Jorge Aboumrad Vega