Chepe train through Copper Canyon

The Chepe is a train that travels from the city of Chihuahua, in the State of Chihuahua, to Los Mochis, in the State of Sinaloa on the Pacific Coast. It travels 650 kilometers through the canyon system of Copper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre). This Mexican engineering masterpiece crosses 37 bridges and 86 tunnels on 650 kilometers of railway.

This train was born as an idea in 1880, when Mexico’s then President General Manuel Gonzalez, granted a permit for the construction of the railway to an organization from Indiana in the Untied States. This organization was the Utopia Socialist Colony, with the goal of creating new socialist colonies. The construction of a railway among the difficult orography of the Sierra Tarahumara increased prices too much and the project couldn’t go on. The construction of the Chepe railway concluded in 1961.

This peculiar train travels through the majestic landscapes of the Sierra Tarahumara through Copper Canyon. This canyon is the scenario of one of the most spectacular trips in a modern and comfortable passenger train. This train was remodeled in 1998 with an investment of $65 million pesos for passenger cars and $168 million pesos invested in infrastructure and telecommunications, increasing safety. This wonderful train now has dining cars, bar cars and passenger cars, reclining seats, air conditioning, heating and foods and beverages services.

This trip stops at Creel, Divisadero, El Fuerte and Bahuichivo so tourists can visit these interesting towns.

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