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Mexico is a federal Republic with an extension of 1'964,375 square kilometers of land in the midsection of the American continent. It shares its borders with the United States to the north, and with its central American neighbors Belize and Guatemala to the south. On the other hand, it is flanked by the Gulf of Mexico on the east and by the Pacific Ocean on the west.

The country enjoys a great variety of ecosystems for those who wish to embark in the adventure of exploring its riches and natural settings, from the extensive deserts in the north, the historic heritage of the picturesque cities of the central territories, the handsome coasts over the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, to the impressive archaeological remains of ancient civilizations surrounded by tropical forests in the southern states.

Despite the monumental task that getting to know all this implies, traveling throughout Mexico has never been easier. The large local airlines, AeroMexico, Mexicana and Aviacsa nowadays compete hand in hand with low budget and discount airlines like Volaris, Internet, Avolar, Click and ALMA, offering the traveler a wide range of routes and itineraries within the Mexican territory.

In the same manner, the Mexican road network allows for easy and safe driving between the various tourist destinations. The local road developing and management authority has established an on-line research tool called "Rutas punto a punto", which provides crucial information about specific roads and trips between destinations, like estimated duration and distance; convenient maps with intermediate stops along the routes; as well as road names, bridge names, location of control points and toll prices pertinent to specific trajectories. For example, nowadays, it is possible to travel between the beautiful city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, and the beaches at Punta de Mita located in the state of Nayarit in the Gulf coast, a distance of 385 km, in only 3.5 hours and a cost regarding tolls of just $289 pesos.(Less than $30 USD).

For those who require different forms of ground transportation, rental cars and first class coaches are available. Major rental car agencies like Hertz, Alamo, Dollar and Avis among others are currently located in the main Mexican cities.

Local first-class coaches offer an extensive range of routes throughout the country and a service quality that sometimes rivals that of their European or North American counterparts.

Mexican first-class buses offer seat booking, reclining seats, air conditioned, lavatories, television; some companies even sell passes on the internet with foreign language interfaces; and others supply passes with a duration of up to 3 weeks of unlimited traveling for those who intend to make the best of all that Mexico has to offer. Some of the best providers of this service are Grupo Flecha Amarilla, Grupo Estrella Blanca, Estrella de Oro, Estrella Roja, Omnibus de Mexico, Grupo Pullman de Morelos, Omnibuses Cristobal Colon and Tornado Plus.

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'La Bufadora' (The Snorter): A Sea Geyser in Mexico
This natural attraction forms when a water jet is expelled several meters high coming from a mountain base located Read More>>

“La Quebrada” in Acapulco
One of Guerrero’s most visited places is "La Quebrada", a rocky cliff in the port of Acapulco. This location is home of one of the most amazing diving displays you can Read More>>

5 places to go when visiting the Federal District in Mexico
During a trip to Mexico City there are certain points, places and things that you must not miss if you want your visit to be recreationally productive. I would like to point out that the following list Read More>>

Acolman, Estado de Mexico
Acolman can be reached through the highway leading to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, from where you can see the 16th century fortress that hosted the convent of San Agustin. Read More>>

Activities on the Nevado de Toluca
Why to have always the same plans if you could have a great adventure that will be good, nice, cheap and as far as 2 hours from Mexico City? Read More>>

Álamos Sonora, it's Ancient Splendor
The population of Alamos started to form at the end of the 17th century, after the discovery of important silver mines. It was Read More>>

Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso Museum
It is located on Justo Sierra #16, in Mexico City’s Historic Center. It opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. There Read More>>

Archaeological Sites in Campeche; Balamkú and Becán
BALAMKÚ; Located in the jungle, on the southeast of the State, in the municipality of Hopelchén, it hosts the “Templo del Jaguar” or Balamku Read More>>

Archaeological Sites in Campeche; Chicanná and Chunhuhub
CHICANNÁ; Chicanna stands out for its wonderful Structure II, where you can find an enormous fantastic face of Itzamma, the creator god, Read More>>

Archaeological Sites in Campeche; Dzibilnocac and Edzná
DZIBILNOCAC; Dzibilnocac allows visitors to observe the imposing Chenes architecture. Building A stands out for having many rooms Read More>>

Archaeological Sites in Campeche; Hochob and Hormiguero
HOCHOB; Hochob is one of the most representative Maya territories of the Chenes; it is splendidly decorated with serpent mouths, Read More>>

Archaeological Sites in Campeche; Jaina and Okolhuitz
JAINA; Numerous figurines and vessels are shown in museums nationally and abroad, associated to the area where Jaina is located, making it Read More>>

Archaeological Sites in Campeche; Santa Rosa Xtampak and Kankí
SANTA ROSA XTAMPAK; Santa Rosa Xtampak, also called “Regional Capital”, was identified as the most important prehispanic city in the Read More>>

Archaeological Sites in Campeche; Tabasqueño and El Tigre
TABASQUEÑO; It is a site you shouldn’t miss for many reasons, gathering many conditions including the architecture that makes it Read More>>

Archaeological sites in Southeast Mexico
The Southeast region of Mexico includes eight States: Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Read More>>

Attractions in Boca del Río Veracruz
Boca del Río is only 12 Km. south of Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico, on the edge of a calm lagoon where people fish shrimp, oyster, crab Read More>>

Attractions in Jerez, Zacatecas
The extent currently occupied by the State of Zacatecas was first populated by the Zacateco Indians, who named this region. Their Read More>>

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