One of the largest states in Mexico, Coahuila has beautiful deserts and forests, distinguished by the progressive attitude of its people. Formed by six main regions, Coahuila offers peculiar tourist attractions where history, culture and nature come together for the enjoyment and surprise of its visitors, such regions are: Carboniferous, Center, Desert, Laguna, North and Southeast. CUATRO CIENEGAS Meaning "Four Swamps" and guarded by the six highest peaks found along the state's topography, the valley of Cuatro Cienagas represents a live testimony of the history of Mexican topography. The desert landscape brings about two contradictions: first, it hosts no less than 500 bodies of water, including 200 pools or wells, and the r ... Read more >>

Unlike the pre-Hispanic cultures which developed throughout Mesoamerica, as the Maya or the Aztec, the indige ...

The harsh climatic conditions typical of the Coahuila's land have shaped the hardworking and persevering chara ...

Those wells, which have given the region an international renown are Poza Azul and Poza de La Tortuga. The fir...

Coahuila happens to be one of the states in Mexico with the highest standards regarding industrialization, whi ...

Located in the central part of the northern Mexican territories, the state of Coahuila shares its borders with ...

Coahuila has a strategic geographic location with a transportation infrastructure with great potential for its ...

Professor Humberto Moreira Valdez, constitutional governor of the State of Coahuila for 2005-2011, was born in ...

The last population census run across Mexico in the year 2005, reports Coahuila de Zaragoza as having roughly ...

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