ALTAVISTA AltaVista is an archeological site of Chalchihuites culture from abound 200 – 1000 A.C. It was an observatory and ceremonial center, and there are still remains of its functions and great architectural techniques. In the construction of “The labyrinth” it can be seen with exact detail. The equinoctials and other buildings such as The Pillar Hall, The Votive Pyramid and the Gamio’s Stair stand out. SIERRA DE ORGANOS The rocky formations of over 250 million years old stand proudly forming different forms with originality and without limits. It’s called Sierra de Organos (organ mountain range) because of its resemblance to the cactae called “organs” and it was declared Natural Protected Reserve in 1974 by the State. The beautiful landscapes of volcanic rocks in the middle of evergreen oak and pine forest offer a wonderful view to everyone willing to get into this little paradise of over 5965 acres, located at 182 kilometers from the state capital. CITY OF ZACATECAS It’s a proud colonial city, and its narrow and sinuous streets take you to buildings of great histori ... Read more >>

Because of the contrasting geography that is characteristic in the Zacatecas territory, it established two ver ...

The mining vocation maintained a great part of the population occupied in this economic activity. To work in t ...

To visit Zacatecas means to go through the legacy of a wealthy and opulent society built over gold and silver ...

Zacatecas is of ancient mining tradition; it is the principal silver producer in the world and the main zinc p ...

Zacatecas takes eighth place on a national level as far as territorial extension having 75,539 km2. Located in ...

Zacatecas is located in the country’s north-center. Its main economic activities are mining, agriculture and ...

Since 2004, at the head of the government of the State of Zacatecas is Amalia Dolores García, daughter of form ...

Zacatecas registered a population of 1’3367, 692 in the last INEGI Populations and Houses Census in 2005, and ...

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