Yucatán Economy

The challenge that every administration faces in Yucatan is related to combating extreme poverty that affects the whole southeast region. At the closing of 2006, the governor of the state, Patricio Patron, declared that the growth of the Yucatan economy surpassed the national medium, which proves that Yucatan today is a safe place to invest and is on its way to a better economy.

Over 60% of PIB is composed of donations of the common services, social and personal, tourism and financial services, insurance and immobile activities, according to the 2006 edition of National Systems of Mexico, Publisher by the INEGI.

The state government has put into action several mechanisms that have resulted in an increase in the opening of mercantile societies (in 2006 1,114 were opened, representing an initial capital accumulating over 650 million pesos); and in the period of 1994-2006, the foreign investments reached 463 million dollars. The unemployment statistic in the last 2006 trimester was only 1.9%.

In exterior commerce, the craft works made up 75% of total exportation in 2006. The Yucatan craft production is distinguished by the high quality of its labor. Yucatan offers a large portfolio of 1,500 things for exportation, such as furniture, honey and pollen, crafts, chocolates, foods including soskil, biodegradable fiber which is attractive to first world societies including everyday household items such as dish sponges. .

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