Baja California Sur

The Peninsula of Baja California Sur is a paradise strip between Cortes Sea and the Pacific Ocean that has become famous as one of the favorite tourism destinations for adventure, rest and entertainment. It boasts spectacular cities, nostalgic towns, and breathtaking landscapes, deserts, mountains and beaches. DIVING AT CORTES SEA Close to three thousand marine species inhabit the waters of Cortes Sea. Precisely for this biological wealth, it is considered one of the most beautiful natural scenes in the world. French biologist Jacques Cousteau called it “The World’s Aquarium”. Every year, hundreds of tourists come to dive in its blue water for the unforgettable experience of swimming alongside the planet’s most exotic beings. Out of the total species registered, 800 live in coral reefs, so the ... Read more >>

The Spanish explorers that landed on Mexican land in search of gold and fortune, named the new world with cath ...

The great influence of the catholic evangelization in Mexico’s traditions is evident in all the patron saint c ...

SPORTS FISHING Because of its multiple scenarios and great weather, sports fishing is one of the mos...

The state has a large economic development potential. Its geographic location and immense wealth of natural ...

The Californian Peninsula is a stretch of land with an area of 143,600 sq. km. It is separated from Mexican ...

A society where Rights prevail and impunity is combated is one of the main conditions for promoting new invest ...

Narciso Agúndez, Constitutional Governor of Baja California Sur for 2005-2011, graduated as Agronomy Engineer ...

The 2005 Population and Housing Census registered 512,170 inhabitants. According to the number of inhabitants ...

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