Veracruz Demography

With a population of 7,011,214 inhabitants, according to the National Census of 2005 conducted by the INEGI; Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave has third place in the nation, only behind Mexico and Distrito Federal. Seven percent of the inhabitants reside in the port of Veracruz and only six percent in the capital of Xalapa.

Fifty six percent of the population is less than 30 years old. Life expectancy is similar to the national average of 71 years for men and 76 for women.

The population index of the entity does not seem affected by the 3% that migrates to other parts of the country, or the 11 out of 1 thousand people average that migrate to the United States every year.

The great attempts from the state government to better education are due to the Los grandes esfuerzos de parte del gobierno estatal por mejorar la educación se deben al atraso que la entidad presenta en este rubro, con un reporte de 13% de adultos analfabetas y 6% de niños menores de 14 años sin asistir a la escuela, según datos del Conteo de Población y Vivienda de 2005.

As for the ethnic diversity of religion, in Veracruz there are 13 indigenous cultures present, whose representatives speak mainly nahuatl, totonaca and in third place, huasteco.

It is worth mentioning that 83% of the Veracruz population is claim Catholicism.

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