Culture of Nuevo León

"Up with the North, yes Sir !!" shouts a proud local of Monterrey known as Regiomontano, as he watches a football game and savors a "shepherd's" goat dish.

That is the nature of the capital city locals, outspoken, loud and a bit brusque, but hardworking and responsible nevertheless. Famous for their dedication to hard labor as well as for their conservative morals, these are people who greatly enjoy spending the weekends around family, along with great food of course.

Carne Seca or "Dry Meat", of indigenous descent and the "machito", a Spanish dish, share the dining tables in Nuevo Leon with those platters born out of the mixing of races, such as the "shepherd's" goat, a local dish of beans known as borrachos, roasted pork, rib-roast, and the beef cut unique to the region called "la arrachera". The cattle tradition of the region means local diet is quite heavy on meat protein to say the least, and a succulent banquet with a steak with sausage, beef, chicken, quesadillas or cheese tortillas, guacamole and of course good beer, represents the perfect excuse to bring family and friends together.

The regional cuisine also includes a meat platter called the Montemorelos beef, as well as other typical flavors found in the Galeana potatoes, the sweets and pastries of Linares, and the Bustamante bread, all of them coming from communities bearing such names.

Nuevo Leon shares most of its musical, dancing, and other cultural expressions with the rest of the northern Mexican territory, such as the polka, shotis or redova European dances, as well as local representations of huapango and the Jarabeado of Nuevo Leon, a mix of folk dance and music original from the communities of La Huatesca.

Even if regional folklore is not exactly vast nor is it deeply rooted in the nature of its people, the capital city of Monterrey offers a growing range of cultural venues and options, such as Forums taking place in the symbolic local theater known as Teatro de la Ciudad, also home to countless theatre plays, representations, concerts, and the annual gala presented by the Ballet of Monterrey; as well as the largest permanent exhibit of Latin American art in the continent displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, MARCO.

The "Steel Park", former industrial site turned cultural and business compound, is a very popular attraction in Monterrey, as it offers many and diverse options such as public bike-routes; an Art Gallery; an Arts Center; the Steel Oven Trex-Museum; an ice-skating rink; the Nuevo Leon Cinema Club which hosts regional, national and international festivals; the Monterrey Arena home to concerts and large shows; the Coca-Cola Auditorium; and the great CinterMex Convention Center.

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