Attractions of Nuevo León


The City of Business this capital offers the necessar infrastructure
for those planning events exhibitions and conventions within the
corporate cultural or entertainment sectors.

Usually visited by the so-called "Executive Tourism", the city of Monterrey in fact has a lot more to offer, including a splendid cuisine with northern Mexican or international options, world-class exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and a well preserved colonial heritage along the historic center of town. A rectangular raised terrace known as the Macro-Plaza is located within the Grand Plaza of downtown Monterrey, in turn surrounded by the Cathedral of Monterrey, the MARCO museum, the city theater known as the Teatro de La Ciudad, as well as a whole network of bars and restaurants across the Barrio Antiguo or "Old Neighborhood".

For those looking for some physical activity, the Chipinque forest is located within the metropolitan area of the capital, and it offers bike routes and large areas for the whole family to enjoy, as well as a superb view of the city.

For the adventurous at heart, or for anyone willing to experience close contact with the Mexican land, the state of Nuevo Leon has two excursions to choose from, Hidrofobia and Matacanes.

First, within the state municipality of Santiago, the Hidrofobia circuit path begins at a recreational center called Cola de Caballo or "Horse Tail" ending at the wonderful cascade known as El Chipitin, in the locality of Potrero Redondo.

After descending along the 75 meter cascade via rappel, visitors will have to walk for a while until reaching a stream that has to be crossed both on foot and swimming, during no less than six hours before getting to the end of the long trip at some fresh natural pools belonging to the Ramos river.

And second, Matacanas is actually a harder excursion than Hidrofobia, if such is possible. Those who dare embark on this circuit, also located in the Santiago region, will be escorted at all times by a guide during the 10 hours or so the trip takes, and which includes cascades, rappel, hiking, swimming, climbing and exploring.

For those preferring to stay dry or at least away from any aquifer, a few canyons area available, such as La Huatesca and Potrero Chico. Also, quite popular among climbers, an 890 meter natural wall awaits to be conquered in the region of Hidalgo. For visitors hoping for a little more rush of adrenaline, they can always have the option of paragliding from the Cerro de Potosí mountain in the Galeana region, or even parachuting from a fully functional plane taking off at the airport of northern Monterrey.

Located within the Garcia municipality, these caves are indeed an expression of nature's whim, and visitors can walk a path through millions of years of geological history, and watch, aided by proper lighting, the full magnificence of the stalactites and stalagmites found inside this natural site of wonder.

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