Estado de México

A wide range of tourist attractions has positioned this lovely state as the fifth favorite destination for visitors coming into Mexican land. Archeological sites, public resorts, popular markets offering original crafts plus ecotourism and extreme sports are just some of the options the region has to offer. LA ESTRELLA GROTTO La Estrella Grotto IS a magic underground scenario hosting beautiful and impressive natural formations: stalactites, stalagmites and other whimsical natural sculptures, produced by water dripping through the rock’s fissures, depositing mineral salts and calcium bicarbonate that create forms that have been named the Mammoth, the Couple, the Hand and the Palace. This grotto has been fixed and equipped with paths, stairways, bridges and a lighting system that provide great comfort and sa ... Read more >>
Estado de México History

The high plateau known as the Altiplano Central del Valle de Mexico, is conformed by valleys, tablelands and l ...

Estado de México Culture

The state of Mexico is still inhabited by direct descendents of some of the tribes that lived in the region wh ...

Estado de México Travel

OTOMI CEREMONIAL CENTER In the wooded region of Temoaya municipality, settled amid the beautiful landscapes o...

Estado de México Map

Estado de México Map

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Estado de México Economy

The economy of the state of Mexico largely contributes to the national Gross Domestic Product with 9,5%, makin ...

Estado de México Geography

Located right in the middle of the country, the state of Mexico borders the states of Michoacan, Queretaro and ...

Estado de México Politics

State of Mexico has one of the most important international airports in the country. Currently, this airport ...

Estado de México Government

Datos personales: Eruviel Ávila Villegas nació en Ecatepec de Morelos, Estado de México 1 de mayo de 1969 ...

Estado de México Demography

The state of Mexico takes national number one in terms of population with more than 14 million inhabitants acc ...

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